Fairytale Fashion

Sometimes fairytales really do come true. Based on the magical dresses of the Spring 2017 couture collections, the designers are likely apt to agree. It's as if the Disney stories and their leading ladies have come to life this season. And with a little help from the beautiful photos by Annie Leibovitz portraying iconic Disney scenes, we can take a journey into some of our favorite stories. 
 Giambattista Valli
Alexis Mabille
Beauty sweeps through the room in golden ball gowns in the spirit of Beauty and the Beast.

On the Fringe

It sways, moving with the rhythm of every shimmy and shake. It covers while also playing peek-a-boo with the skin that lies beneath. This fixture of fashion is best known as fringe.

Fringe has made cameo appearances over the course of history, playing backup to other design elements like embroidery, rhinestones or tie dye. But it has also had its moments of playing a leading role, such as the case with the Fall 2016 collections.
With roots in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, fringe also has origins in Native American culture as means to repel rain water. This practical use was adopted by America’s cowboys as they faced the uncharted frontier. 

Queen of the Tower

She was the girl that caught the king’s eye. Beautiful, intriguing and witty, the young Anne Boleyn found herself the object of King Henry VIII’s desire. She is perhaps best known as the other Boleyn girl, the sister that turned down the role of king’s mistress and instead held out for the crown.
She rose from a lady in waiting to Queen of England. During her journey, she claimed power for her family, set fashion trends, pursued learning, helped usher in a historic break between the Church of England and Rome and gave birth to a future queen.

Roses Are Red

I have a bit of a confession to make, I love watching The Bachelor. After 20 seasons of contestants vying for the attention and heart of the bachelor, I still can't get enough of the show. I find myself believing the host, Chris Harrison, each time when he says the season is going to be the most exciting yet. Though the relationships that form have their ups and downs, and love does not alway prevail, I continue to join the journey to find love. 

Star Light Star Bright

The new year is an invitation to new beginnings. New Year's Eve sparkled with the opportunity to begin a new chapter, but the sparkle of something new continues to shimmer with promise as we enter into January.
 Designer Elie Saab explored the out of this world constellations and their jewel-worthy stars in his Fall 2016 couture collection. The gowns dazzle with detailing inspired by the beauty of nature, providing inspiration for our own star gazing and dreaming.