Walk in the Park

victorian, watercolor, art
What better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon than in the park? The Victorian aristocrats certainly agreed with the notion, treating the park as the perfect leisure destination.
flowers, butterflies, watercolor, victorian
 "Flowers and Butterflies"
ready to wear, women's fashion
Still dressed in proper attire, families would descend upon the park’s open green spaces for quality time, and of course, to see and be seen.

Mad Hatter

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole she found herself in a world of fantasy, curiosities and a little bit of nonsense. 
The world of Lewis Carroll's 19th century Alice's Adventures in Wonderland comes alive with vibrant characters like the Hatter and March Hare. Famous for his illogical quips and fantastical style, the Hatter is best known as the Mad Hatter.