Beach Season

Temperatures are rising, which means clothes are coming off. As people head to the beach to catch summer sun and waves, the perfect bathing suit is a must. 
Years before you picked out your favorite bikini or one-piece, women were competing in sports around 5600BC in bikini-like attire in Rome, as seen in the mosaic above.

Southern Charm

During this summer season it's the perfect time to have a bit of southern charm. Georgia and other southern states like South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi induce a sense of calm, warmth and sweet simplicity. They are often synonymous with the nostalgic notions of genteel manners, grace and lazy days in the sunshine.

A spring or summer day in the south means plenty of sweet tea, home-cooked comfort food and romantic dresses that help you stylishly survive the rising temperatures. 

American Royalty

It was the era of the mini skirt, culottes and go-go boots. But it was also the era of the pillbox hat, tailored suits with short boxy jackets and prim high heels thanks to Jackie Kennedy. As First Lady, she became synonymous with American style and these timeless looks from the 1960s.

Princess Style Diaries

Ever since Meghan Markle began making headlines as the sweetheart of Prince Harry, her style choices have rippled across headlines, blogs and social media. It is like the princess diaries for fashion, or more accurately, the Duchess diaries.

Princess Bride

Anytime there’s a wedding, the centerpiece is almost always the dress. So it’s no wonder that people across the world are wondering what dress Meghan will wear on the big day. Whether she will choose clean lines or a dramatic design will remain a mystery until May 19th. What we can be sure of though, is that the dress will be white and there will be plenty of flowers.

Chic Chignon

Who knew that a single hairstyle could make headlines and send women to the mirrors to style their own coiffure in a similar fashion? That’s just what happened when soon-to-be Princess, or more accurately Duchess, Meghan Markle styled her strands into a messy bun.

Live Colorfully

Praca Cantao within the Santa Marta favela in Rio is a place that many may have overlooked at one time, but with an artistic touch, the neighborhood is now bursting with color. The project that began in 2010 with Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn has become a movement of color. With every brushstroke, Favela Painting brightens communities, brings job opportunities, offers hope and instills a sense of pride.

Earth Day Chic

In Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, the Lorax is on a mission to speak for the trees as the Once-ler wreaks havoc on the landscape in the name of commerce. Though written for children in 1971, the timeless message of the story continues to resonate across all ages.

Fashion meets Art: Jean Metzinger

As the spring season begins to reach its peak, it's the perfect time to start dreaming of warm days and tropical getaways. Bright colors and fun prints on the Reem Acra Spring 2018 runway are the perfect starting point to get inspired.

The Secret Garden

With the first hint of spring in Georgia, yellow daffodils began to sprinkle the ground. This was only the beginning. With warmer temperatures pushing out winter’s chill, pink cherry blossoms have lit up bare trees, purple wisteria dangles from every possible surface and azaleas in shades of pink, red and white are blooming in every direction. As we welcome the month of April, pink and white dogwood flowers are joining the explosion of beauty as they begin to grace tree branches. 

Easter Pastels

The pastels on the Chanel Spring 2018 couture runway offer the perfect color palette for Easter. 

Queen of Hearts

In a place called Wonderland, lives the Queen of Hearts. She rules the land alongside her husband and subjects like the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat. It is of course, the land of fantasy and whimsy found by Alice when she falls through the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice inWonderland.”

Love Letter

Love is not something to only be celebrated on a single day each year. It is something to be embraced and expressed every day before the moment passes you by.

The Blues

Whether it’s for a date, meeting friends for lunch or running to the grocery store, blue jeans are a staple fashion choice. Paired with the right shoes, top and accessories they can transform for any occasion. They come in all shapes that range from classic straight leg to skinny to trouser to overalls. The options are endless, as are the washes and color choices. But the classic continues to be blue.

Fashion meets Art: Monica Lee-Henell

As December gives way to January, most of the trees are now bare and the grass has faded from green to brown. Even though winter has only just begun, I’m already dreaming of spring. 

For a taste of spring's warmth, I find myself gazing at Monica Lee-Henell's paintings like "White Blooms," shown above. I can almost smell the flowers, feel the sunshine and hear the birds chirping in these oversized paintings. Even as they seem to offer a glimpse of the season to come, there is also a resemblance to the flowers that are still blooming and the recent collection from AlbertaFerretti