Princess Style Diaries

Ever since Meghan Markle began making headlines as the sweetheart of Prince Harry, her style choices have rippled across headlines, blogs and social media. It is like the princess diaries for fashion, or more accurately, the Duchess diaries.

Princess Bride

Anytime there’s a wedding, the centerpiece is almost always the dress. So it’s no wonder that people across the world are wondering what dress Meghan will wear on the big day. Whether she will choose clean lines or a dramatic design will remain a mystery until May 19th. What we can be sure of though, is that the dress will be white and there will be plenty of flowers.

Chic Chignon

Who knew that a single hairstyle could make headlines and send women to the mirrors to style their own coiffure in a similar fashion? That’s just what happened when soon-to-be Princess, or more accurately Duchess, Meghan Markle styled her strands into a messy bun.