Summer Power Dressing

Summer power dressing

Bows. Prints. Sneakers. Florals. Tweed. Metal. Using a variety of prints, colors, textures and styles, the Spring 2020 collection from Tory Burch offered a fresh take on work ready clothing. 

No longer are women confined to the 1980s definition of the power suit in order to walk into the office with a boss persona. Now women can embrace femininity alongside powerful details, whimsical prints and athleisure ready accessories when creating a workwear wardrobe. 

Tory Burch has made a name for herself with her all-American brand. This collection did not disappoint as it remained true to her clean and classic aesthetic. 

Summer power dressing

Breezy skirts were paired with loose fitting camisole tops and cardigans. Billowing dresses with colorful prints and details such as scalloped collars and gathered sleeves offered easy options for a summer day in the office. Accessories and fabrics featured grandma inspired quilting and prints, but without any stuffiness or outdated vibes. 

Headed out to lunch or meeting friends after work? Heels won’t hinder you with the sportier looks offered by Tory Burch. Romantic dresses and skirts complete with florals, ruffles and bows got a modern edge with coordinating sneakers for the corporate girl on the go. 

The power suit got a fresh update for the season, where loose trousers were pairs with collared shirts featuring details such as metal embellishment, sequins or polka dots. And other renditions came with embroidery, delicate camisole blouses and floral details.

Summer power dressing

Power dressing doesn’t mean that a sense of fun must be sacrificed. Prints and textures were mixed without hesitation. Polka dots of different sizes were mixed with tweeds and solids. The key to the technique was a common color palette. In this case, navy and creme kept the look refined and office appropriate. 

The takeaway from this Tory Burch collection? You can be pretty and powerful. Power dressing offers the chance to dress for where you’re going without sacrificing style, femininity and a touch of whimsy. 

Original Runway Photos: Photographed by Filippo Fior for Tory Burch via Vogue