American Royalty

It was the era of the mini skirt, culottes and go-go boots. But it was also the era of the pillbox hat, tailored suits with short boxy jackets and prim high heels thanks to Jackie Kennedy. As First Lady, she became synonymous with American style and these timeless looks from the 1960s.

Alongside her husband John, Jackie helped build a legacy of style and grace. Whether attending a political rally, hosting a gathering at the White House or traveling to new destinations, Jackie always dressed in style. With the help of her personal designer, Oleg Cassini, her years in the White House (1961-1963) cemented her place as “an American Queen.” 

Pictured with Queen Elizabeth I and Phillip, 1961 

Jackie’s chic ensembles were characterized by attention to detail through tailoring, simple lines and colors. Her suits and dresses were often accented with a strand of pearls, white gloves and the ever-famous pillbox hat. 

The Spring 2018 designs from Zac Posen took several cues from the 1960s and Jackie. The tailored skirts and matching short jackets in the collection easily could have been a part of Jackie’s wardrobe.

The suits from Zac Posen are similar to ones she wore during the televised White House tour and while out on campaign excursions.

Though not necessarily a part of Jackie’s public wardrobe, the culottes made their way into fashion history in the 1960s. This classic and tailored version could have been the perfect travel suit for Jackie.

The period featured simple, geometric shapes in clothing, including A-line dresses and straight-line jackets. Clean lines like those of the 1960s continue to speak of style of good taste. 

Formal attire also embraced the simplicity of geometric shapes with column-like gowns that fell straight to the floor. A touch of embroidery and layering of fabrics adds a bit of pizazz and sparkle to the geometric shapes, as seen in the Zac Posen designs.

But not all evening gowns had to remain simple. Some featured fuller skirts and cinched waists like the one worn by Jackie during her evening hosting a political event. 
The cinched waist was also a part of daywear dresses in the 1960s. By gathering the fabric with a bow or pleating, the feminine form was emphasized. 

Nearly 60 years after Jackie called the White House home, her style continues to infuse modern fashion. She proved that style doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful while demonstrating the true meaning of timelessness. 

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