Going Forward

Rachel Hollis Book Review Didn't See that Coming
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What’s good? The sight of a rainbow after the storm, the smell of cookies baking and the sound of a cat purring. The list of all that is good in life is endless, but would we be able to fully appreciate the good and beautiful if we didn’t already survive the bad and ugly?
Author Rachel Hollis invites us into the conversation in her latest book, “Didn’t See That Coming.” In it, she tackles this very question as she reveals lessons and routes to recovery for even the hardest of seasons. 

“What’s good will always be good, and one of the most awful, beautiful things about the hard seasons is that unless we experience hardship, we’ll never truly appreciate and remember the good that was always good.” 

A global pandemic, death, job loss, betrayal, disappointment...we have all had our share of hard experiences. But as Rachel points out, you either burn up as you go through the fires of horrible events, or you come out newer and stronger. 

Though it may not always feel possible, we each have the power to fight for the life we want and the recovery we envision. Rachel helps walk readers through steps to take today, tomorrow and forever in order to move forward into the next stage of life. 

As always, Rachel offers insight in the relatable voice of a friend and sister...a fellow survivor in this journey of life. Within each chapter she outlines big ideas, as well as strategies that have helped in her own life. Whether it’s hacking your courage, pushing yourself to show up or cultivating healthier habits, the book explores ideas to help you heal and move into the life you truly want to live.
Rachel Hollis Book Review Didn't See that Coming

One of the most impactful chapters includes ideas for a daily gratitude practice and joy list. In the craziness of daily life, taking time to stop, reflect and enjoy even the smallest of things can be overlooked and forgotten. Writing down things we are grateful for each day in a diary or journal can help us see the positives even in the midst of hard moments or pain. In a similar manner, starting a joy list can extend the idea of a gratitude journal. What makes you happy and brings you joy? Write those things down and then find ways to do them each day. 

We only get to live each day once. How will we embrace each day as an opportunity to live with love, joy and purpose? 

“Please, live this beautiful, hard, wonderful life--and since you will live it, as you were always meant to do, resolve to live it well.”