Find Your Perfect Bra Fit

Find your perfect bra fit
The Christian Dior Fall 2009 Couture collection inspires a lingerie drawer update.

It’s a typical Monday morning. You walk into the office, briefcase in one hand, latte in the other. Your heels are clicking on the newly shined floors as you move from the elevator to your office. You have a 9am meeting and it’s already 8:45am, which means you barely have time to slip off your coat and do your initial check of emails before heading to the conference room. As you walk in, you feel confident and prepared to make your presentation at the meeting. 

Now is not the time to be concerned with the bra you are wearing. 
Find your perfect bra fit
The corset offers more coverage than a traditional bra, but still requires proper fit in the cups and band size.

No matter how great your blouse or sweater looks, the layers you wear beneath them matter just as much, if not more so in some cases. 

Undergarments help form the foundation of what we wear, with the bra being the key piece in providing support, shape and comfort. You can choose from a range of styles like halters, strapless, push-up, wireless, unlined, etc. But no matter the style you choose, the perfect fit should remain a priority. 

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Common Bra Fit Issues 
Two of the most common issues that women face are gaps in the cups or overflow. 

Gaps: The gaps are a result of women choosing cups that are too large, which allows the extra fabric of the cups to stick outward and push against the fabric of the shirt. 

Overflow: Overflow is a result of women choosing a cup size that is too small, and thus causing flesh to bulge above the fabric of the cup.

So how do you address these common bra dilemmas? Find your fit.
How to find your perfect bra fit

You can go to a store like Victoria’s Secret or department store like Nordstrom for a measuring session, or you can follow a few simple steps at home. 

How To Find Your Fit
To measure yourself, grab a tape measure and make sure you're wearing a thin top and a bra without much padding. It’s not necessary to remove your clothing to do a measurement, but too much fabric from your shirt or bra can distort the measurements. 

Band Size: To find your band size, place the tape measure around your ribcage directly below your bust. The inches measured will be the band size you select like 32, 34, 36 or 38. If you don't get an exact match for one of the common band sizes, you can round to the nearest band size.  

Cup Size: To find your cup size, place the tape measure around your bust, keeping the tape measure at the center and largest part of the bustline. 

Now subtract your band size  from the cup measurement. If the difference is 1” you are an A cup, 2” you are a B cup, 3” a C and so on. Each inch of difference between band and cup represents a lettered cup size. 
Find your perfect bra fit
The satin fabric and silhouette are reminiscent of 1950s era undergarments.

More Bra Tips
Once you’re ready to try on bras or simply want to make sure you're wearing your current bra for the best possible fit, keep these other elements in mind: 

1. Buy a bra that feels comfortable with the eye hooks latched on the loosest setting. This way, as the bra stretches you have at least two more settings to tighten it and get more use from the bra. 

2. Use the strap adjusters on your bra’s straps so they don’t fall off the shoulders. The straps should stay in place even as you move throughout the day. 

3. To prevent back bulge above or below the band, make sure to choose the correct band size and wear the bra hooked on a setting that is not too tight. The band should rest smoothly on your back. 

Choosing Your Next Bra
There are more bra brands than ever before entering the retail scene, giving plenty of inspiration and selection options for the next bra to make it into your lingerie drawer. 

Lively nude bras
Image Source: Instagram @wearlively
Lively isn’t just about bras, the brand also helps promote a mindset of empowerment and living lives we love. It’s “inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains.” To that I say, "Yes, please." 

ThirdLove colorful bras
Image Source: Instagram @thirdlove
ThirdLove emphasizes that they sell bras for everybody. Designed by women, the bras are made to consider real women’s bodies with 78+ sizes and even half-cup sizes. With their 100% fit guarantee and free returns, you get the reassurance of time to love or return the bra, while shelters and nonprofits get the benefit of acquiring gently used bras from this return process to help women in need. 

Aerie pink bralette set
Image Source: Instagram @aerie
Since its breakthrough marketing campaign “AerieReal” showcasing real women and a range of body types, Aerie has been become one of the leading lingerie brands. Aerie believes that “finding a bra you love should be empowering.” And they’re right, when choosing something you’ll wear all day, you should feel great doing it. 

True & Co nude lace bra set
Image Source: Instagram @trueandco
For a brand that listens to women and finds ways to create what women want to wear, check out True & Co. Every bra is designed “for women and the bodies we live in” with support and comfort as leading factors in each bra. 

Find your perfect bra fit
 Bras like this vintage black bra can be beautiful and functional.

Of course there are many other bra brands to choose from, but these are just a few that not only offer beautiful and supportive options, but are also changing the conversation about bras, women and the female body. 

No matter which bra or brand you choose, always keep fit in mind. Because nothing, include poor bra fit, should distract from the amazing ideas, words and creations you choose to share with the world.

Runway Photos: Photographed by Monica Feudi for Christian Dior Fall 2009 Couture via