Jackie Kennedy on the Runway

First Lady Jackie Kennedy fashion and style in dresses
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When Jackie Kennedy arrived to the Whitehouse, she brought with her a sense of style that became synonymous with the 1960s. Her tailored suits, heels and pillbox hats became her stylish calling card that women across the world would copy then, and even now, sixty years later. 
Moschino fall 2018 runway suit

Jackie Kennedy Whitehouse 1960s suit
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Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s style 
As models sashayed down the Moschino Fall 2018 runway, they moved to a rhythm infused with the style of Jackie Kennedy and the 1960s era. Suits and pillbox hats took center stage, but were modernized with motocross details like zippers, belts and leather accessories.

Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s style

Jackie Kennedy Whitehouse gold suit
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Jackie’s fashion choices continue to serve as symbols of graceful elegance. But Moschino designer Jeremy Scott put a twist on this idea by creating suits and dresses that also embodied rebel culture à la James Dean with leather jackets. 
Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s style

Jackie Kennedy pink suit 1960s
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Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s style
Other details fit for a motorcycle ride included bomber jacket touches to dresses with draw-string style sleeves or hemlines. These touches were reminiscent of army parachutes and corresponding accessories used in army missions--much like those used in the Vietnam War in the late 1960s.
Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s style
The 1960s symbols did not stop at the Jackie and rebel culture references. Roy Lichtenstein style prints were also featured on some of the dresses. Lichtenstein became famous for works like “M-Maybe” in the early 1960s as a pop artist for his comic book inspired paintings featuring girls and thought bubbles. 
m-maybe by roy Lichtenstein
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This Moschino designs still held onto the 1960s silhouette with pillbox hats and either a cinched waist and a cropped blazer or an A-line style shift dress and jacket, but they made a new statement with the pop art prints. 
Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s roy Lichtenstein style
The female faces printed on the fabrics mimicked Lichtenstein’s style, but were superimposed with product packaging imagery, complete with a barcode. Perhaps these design choices served as a statement on consumer culture and how what we buy and wear shapes perceptions of who we are as people and a society. 
Moschino fall 2018 runway suit 1960s roy Lichtenstein style
 What will your clothes say about you this season? 

Runway Images: Vogue.com